#Stirrup is the podcast that plays music for everybody.


The full tracklist and all other information can be found in #Stirrup Airline Magazine.


#Stirrup Airline Magazine is for free and works on all mobile devices and computers


Airline Magazine link



Please contact Chocolate Young Thunder With The Gooey Center at gooey_center@outlook.com or Yarima Karama at  Yarimakarama@musician.org if you have any questions.


Chocolate Young Thunder With The Gooey Center (Olando) Facebook (Go here to get updates on #Stirrup)



Yarima Karama Website 


Yarima Karama Facebook



#Stirrup Set Two Part One magazine and any other things regarding #Stirrup Set Two Part One is for promotional use only.

#Stirrup Set Two Part One only promotes artists and labels only and does not do anything else.

#Stirrup Set Two Part One is non-profit.





















































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