#Stirrup is the podcast that plays music for everybody.


The full tracklist and all other information can be found in #Stirrup Airline Magazine.


#Stirrup Airline Magazine is for free and works on all mobile devices and computers


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Please contact Chocolate Young Thunder With The Gooey Center at or Yarima Karama at if you have any questions.


Chocolate Young Thunder With The Gooey Center (Olando) Facebook (Go here to get updates on #Stirrup)


Yarima Karama Website

Yarima Karama Facebook


#Stirrup Episode One Trailer (Edited Version) and any other things regarding #Stirrup Episode One Trailer (Edited Version) is for promotional use only.

#Stirrup Episode One Trailer (Edited Version) only promotes artists and labels only and does not do anything else.

#Stirrup Episode One Trailer (Edited Version) is non-profit.


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